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Can I Get A Passport As A Felon?

Can I Get A Passport As A Felon? 

Important Things to Know

The answer to that question “Can I get a passport as a felon?” depends on what the felony conviction is. Most people who commit a felony are still eligible for a passport. So, then the question becomes, “What felony convictions are not eligible for a passport?”.

There are only a few felony convictions that would make you ineligible to gain a passport. These felonies are listed below:

can i get a passport if i have a felony

1. If you owe money to a prison;

2. Those who have an outstanding warrant;

3. If you owe a large amount of child support;

4. People who have a court order forbidding them from traveling;

5. If you have been convicted of certain drug crimes;

6. If you have unpaid taxes or government loans.


But, generally, most do not fall into these categories

can i get a passport with a felony

There are also certain crimes that will prevent you from getting a passport, and they are as follows:

1. Any treasonous act such as espionage. Rest assured that you definitely can not acquire a passport with this crime.

2. A drug related crime on a federal level such as international drug trafficking You can not obtain a passport as long as you are in jail for this one.

3. Depending on what state you’re in, if you’re in jail or prison, you are not allowed to get a passport until you’ve served your time.

Basically, each state has their own law about this, so your best bet would be to contact your lawyer about where your state stands on passport laws and if your drug conviction will keep you from getting a passport.

can you get a passport as a felon

How To Apply For A Passport If You’ve Been Convicted of A Felony

Now that we have figured out whether you can get a passport or not, let’s look at exactly how, as a felon, you can achieve getting one.

For a felon to get a passport it is actually not much different than for anyone else getting one.

The first thing you need to do is make sure with the courts that everything has been properly processed through the court system before you apply. Proof may be requested to show that you finished your parole or have completely served your sentence. You can access this information by requesting the paperwork from the courthouse.


You will then need to fill out the application completely. Furthermore, you need to have a passport picture taken and pay whatever the fee is at the time. Please keep in mind that passports usually take months to receive so do not think that your conviction is the cause for any delay.

Now if you were told by a court order that you were not allowed to travel while on parole then you may need paperwork from the court to prove that your travel restriction has been lifted.

Here Is What You Can Expect

If your paperwork is filled out correctly, and you completely tell the truth then you can expect to receive your passport at the same time limit as anyone else. When you get your passport you will still have to find out if you can get a visa for the country or countries that you are wanting to visit. Having a passport does not ensure that you are able to gain access to those countries. This can take even more time than waiting to get your passport in and is usually more difficult for felons.

 can i get a passport if i am a felon

What Happens If You’re Convicted After You Get Your Passport?

While most passports hardly ever get revoked, it does happen. The court can revoke your passport at any time during your conviction. Passports are usually revoked if you are considered a serious flight risk and if you are then the courts will take your passport as soon as they realize that you have one.

Can I Get My Passport Back If It’s Been Revoked?

Yes, most of the time many convicted felons can indeed get their passport back when they are no longer incarcerated.

Drug-related crimes do not necessarily prevent you from getting your passport. Mainly because many who are convicted of domestic drug crimes can still travel. But it is not promised that you will get the visa that you need to enter another country. Just because you are not able to gain the visa you need doesn’t mean that the USA won’t grant you the passport you need.


So, when applying, remember to always be honest, have all of the proper paperwork that you may need and your chance of actually receiving your passport is extremely good.

If you want to read more about the question “Can I get a passport as a felon?”, or Passports in general, you can do it here.

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