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What Is The Right Career For Me?

What Is The Right Career For Me?: 3 Important Steps

“What is the right career for me?” This is a question that nearly everyone asks themselves at least once in their lives. After all, a career will take up decades of your life and shape your future. That is why it’s important to spend your time reflecting on your strengths, weaknesses, and interests before diving into any career.

You should also spend some time doing the research before committing to any particular field, as each career will come with its own requirements. This process doesn’t have to be dreary though; in fact, taking the time to figure out what you want out of your life can lead to greater happiness in the long term!

Here are a few ways to answer that big question, “what is the right career for me?”

what career is right for me

1. Assess Yourself

This is the first big step before settling on a career, but how exactly do you go about assessing yourself? There are plenty of online tools available to help you, including skills tests, strength quizzes, and personality assessments. Taking some time to fill out these exams is certainly a great first step to understanding what you can bring to a job.

If you’re more of a pen-to-paper type, you can draw up a sheet of paper and pen and spend some time reflecting on your previous work experience, school experience, or even on your personal life. For instance, what were you particularly good at in a past job? Did you shine when working with customers, or were you more of a successful independent worker? What subjects spiked your interest in school?

And how do you deal with stressful decisions or situations in your personal life — do you need time to solve problems logically, or are you more of a “go with your gut” person? Every single answer to these questions will help craft a representation of who you are and what kind of job can suit your best.

which is the right career for me

2. Use Your Answers to Do Initial Research

Once you’ve gathered some information on your skills, strengths, and interests, you can begin to do some initial research. For instance, if you loved studying math in school and do a great job with the small details, you can hop onto a search engine and type something like “what is the right career for me if I am good at math and details?”

Just this simple search leads to dozens of ideas, including being a financial analyst, statistician, or accountant. Pick 3-5 career choices that pique your interest most and read more about the process of these jobs, including what the requirements are, what a day in the life of this career is like, and what benefits you can get from working this kind of career.

what is the right career path for me

3. Narrow Down Your Research

After some time, you should come up with a few ideas for careers that fit your personality and your skill sets. Now is the time to see real-life examples of this career in action. Look up job positions for your job title in your area, or in an area that you’d like to live in.

Find a few companies that are hiring in this position and read about the kind of candidate they are looking for. Do your skill sets, education and strengths still match this role? Additionally, what benefits does the position have?

Benefits tie in greatly with our goals, so if a benefit of the job is extra time off and your goal is to travel when you can, this kind of position will align perfectly with you and the question “what is the right career for me?” Doing this bit of research should narrow down your list further until there are 1 or 2 careers that really stand out to you.


After you have completed these three tasks, you should be ready to take the giant leap and apply for job positions. Even if you are still unsure, having a job interview will teach you a lot about the expectations of the career and what kind of people you will be working for and with. If you take the time to follow these steps, the question “What is the right career for me?” won’t seem so scary anymore!


If you want to read more about the question “What is the right career for me?”, or about a career in general, you can read here.

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