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How to Quit Your Job ?

How To Quit Your Job: 7 Grate Steps

You may decide one fine morning that it is high time to move on from the current job. You may be having several reasons to quit. E.g., You may have got a better role in another company or shifting to a different place. But making up your mind on how to quit your job may be a bit difficult.

Follow these steps to take on life with a new perspective.

how to quit your job immediately

1. Ensure that your decision is right

It would be best if you reflected upon your decision to review it. Try to understand what you will gain by quitting and whether the new job is better than the existing one.

If you believe that you are not getting the responsible work or have loads of work, you may still speak to your seniors. Your choice will have far-reaching implications and a cascading effect on your career. Therefore, it is imperative to make an informed decision.


2. The notice period

Give a notice period of two weeks, which is a reasonable time for both you and your employer. Handover work to your colleagues during the notice period so that they do not face any difficulty in your absence. You can increase the notice period as per your employment contract if it suits you. It may be better to utilize the full notice period as per terms of employment.

Formally inform your employer about the notice period in the resignation letter, which is the next step.

how to quit your job properly

3. Putting in papers

A resignation is a formal way of how to quit your job. Please note that the message should be brief and to the point. State in the beginning that you have decided to move on. Optionally, give the reason, if any.

A signature is a must on a typed or handwritten paper. Nowadays, people send their resignation by email. Scan the signed document and shoot it as an email attachment. Never put any emotional content in your resignation letter. It is best to restrict the message content as simple as possible with minimum details. It is a formal document to record the separation details.


4. Feedback to management

Sharing your views is an essential step in how to quit your job. It is not mandatory to provide the reasons for quitting. Your input on leaving the job may be helpful to the management and future employees. Some organizations conduct an exit interview where you may provide precise feedback verbally.

You should behave professionally and never be irresponsible. Keep a healthy association with your employer while sharing any feedback. You may like to prepare beforehand to provide constructive feedback. By keeping the exit interview cordial, you keep the communication channel open for future opportunities in the same company.

how quit your job

5. Discussion with concerned persons

Having a meeting is an essential step about how to quit your job. Instead of directly shooting a mail, it is better to fix an appointment with your boss and HR reps to indicate your willingness to leave the job. A discussion with management will provide you a chance to thank them and discuss how to wind up the ongoing projects.


6. The transition period

After putting up your papers, the transition period becomes the golden period. You will have sufficient time to wind up your existing projects, handover work to colleagues, and train them if asked for some help.

Your supervisor may also ask you to hand over the equipment, passwords, files, status reports, and similar stuff. Have a systematic approach and ensure a smooth transition. It will help if you write down important details on a piece of paper about your existing work so that the fresh person handling the same assignment may not face any avoidable hurdles.


7. Leave with a constructive note

The process of how to quit your job may be quite challenging. It is better to end with an optimistic note. You may be having good relations with coworkers and seniors.

Write a nice thank you email and ensure to send it before you hand over the laptop. Show gratefulness in your mail about what you have learned. The goodbye mail can be a powerful networking tool. You may continue to have a good relationship with all colleagues. You may share your unofficial email id and contact number to remain in touch with them.

If you want to read more about- how to quit your job, or about resignation in general, you can read here.

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