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Things To Do At Home

Half the world is currently confined or semi-confined to their homes because of the global pandemic that appeared last spring and since then has done nothing but complicate our lives, claiming millions of human lives along the way and forcing us to change all our usual living habits.

What is the best plan a person can have today for a Saturday night in the fall? Surely to be at home in his best pajamas while devouring a good jar of popcorn with his children (if he has any, of course).

The coronavirus has come to change our lives completely, from the way we communicate with each other, to our workplace. Now everything, if possible, is done at home for the safety and well-being of others and ourselves.

things to do at home

Now, do we really know the things to do at home that we can do without hardly investing any money? Many people have been surprised by the amount of things that can be done when we have unlimited time and do not depend on the opinion of anyone else.


Would you like to discover all the things to do at home while you are locked up? Do you want to reinvent yourself and try things you’ve never had time to do before without leaving your living room? Then you should read what we have to tell you next.

Things to do at home while you are locked up?

Read on!

The Best Things To Do At Home

Learn new languages for free

I’m sure that on more than one occasion you’ve thought about signing up for French or Chinese classes because you wanted to learn new languages and improve your CV, but you never dared because you were too busy and when you got home you didn’t feel up to doing anything else.

things to do at home by yourself

Well, being cooped up can be your time to start learning that language you love so much and improve your language skills from the comfort of your own couch.

And how? Very simply, by using the multiple online platforms that currently allow you to learn all languages for free and completely from scratch. Do you want to learn Mandarin and you have never heard or practiced it before?

Don’t worry, because these platforms adapt to all levels and allow you to master any language starting from the most basic level. Learning languages is one of those things to do at home that will bring us thousands of benefits without any kind of investment.

 Don’t hesitate to try it out!

things to do at home when bored

Restore your old furniture

You’ve been saying for years that you’re going to paint your old wooden furniture to improve its appearance and renew your old studio with a much fresher and updated air? The lock-in is the best time to do it.

You may have to place a small order online for brushes and paints, but the rest of the work can be done anywhere in your home. You can do it all by yourself or with the help of your partner and children.

Do-it-yourself work has been one of the things that more people have decided to do during confinement, as it not only allows us to improve the appearance of our homes, but it is also a really fun activity with relaxing effects to prevent the anxiety and stress typical of confinement.


Read all the classics of the literature

Are you a lover of reading and never had time to calmly read your collection of great classics of literature that has been gathering dust in your library for years? Confinement is your best excuse to take all those works off the shelf and devour for hours the best stories in literature.

Reading is something that helps us escape from reality and prevent stress, something really necessary right now that the world seems an unsafe and unpleasant place for everyone.

how can I kill time at home

Get fit at your own pace

Things to do at home to look better? Do sport, of course! You’ve never found the time to join the gym? During your confinement, all these excuses will not help you, because you will have all the time in the world to practice the best online exercise routines of the moment. Nowadays there are all kinds of online classes where some of the best personal trainers of the moment will help us get in shape without moving from home.

Maybe first you need to buy comfortable sports clothes and some sports accessories to do sport at home, like a quality mat and some weights, but otherwise, you just need a TV with the internet and a lot of desire to move the skeleton. Don’t give up!

Here are some things to do at home during strict confinement. Of course, there are many more things we can do, but there is a reason to start! Be patient and don’t put off until tomorrow what you will surely be able to do today!

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