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How to clean a Bathroom?

How To Clean A Bathroom

A bathroom is a place with an abundance of moisture, dirt, and bacteria. Since we rely on our bathroom for cleansing ourselves every day, it’s only evident that the bath itself should also be squeaky clean.

An average bathroom requires a deep cleaning every two weeks. Therefore, one must know how to clean a bathroom.

Are you ready to achieve an immaculate bathroom? Let’s begin!

how to clean a bathroom floor

Step 1: Cleaning Your Toilet Bowl

Since a toilet bowl is a home to a plethora of bacteria, we should tackle it first. Follow this optimal method of cleaning your toilet for the best results-

1. Apply the toilet bowl cleaner of your choice around the toilet bowl generously. Allow it to sit for fifteen minutes.

2. Grab a stiff-bristled toilet brush for cleaning the insides of the bowl. Start by scrubbing the sides of the bowl.

3. Ensure that the area submerged by water has an abundance of cleaner, and cleanse it by scrubbing it in circular movements.

4. Clean the toilet seat by spraying a disinfectant spray and wiping it down with a cleaning rag.

5. After finishing with the toilet brush, rinse it with water, and allow it to dry. Spray it with a disinfectant before placing it on the stand.

Step 2: Scour the Bathroom


Before tackling the bathroom tiles, check the ceiling edges and corners for any grime. Spray a disinfectant solution on the areas with visible dirt stains and let them sit while you clean your bathroom tiles.

Remove all toiletries, and bring down any cobwebs before you start with the tiles.

You may use a store-bought wall cleaner or a 50-50 Vinegar and Water solution for cleaning your bathroom. Both of these will be equally effective in cleaning your bathroom. Follow these steps;

how to clean bathroom walls

1. Spray the wall cleaner on one tile at a time to efficiently manage the cleaning.

2. If possible, spray disinfectant all over the bathroom tiles and steam your bathroom for 5 minutes before scrubbing. This practice will help break down any stubborn stains.

3. Use a microfiber mop for cleaning your bathroom, as it has a long handle and can get rid of stains and dirt very effectively.

4. Use a window wiper to wipe down any wet spots on the tiles. The wiper will ensure that your wall is dry and completely sanitized.

how to clean a bathroom sink

Step 3: Clean Your Bathroom


Your bathroom sink is a place where grime and stains build up the quickest. To achieve a sparkly clean sink, you should clean it as often as every few days. The steps you should follow to cleanse your sink are-

1. Apply a disinfectant liquid or spray it all over the sink and let it sit for fifteen minutes.

2. Grab a rough cleaning cloth and scrub the entire sink.

3. To clean your water faucets, you can use a cleansing spray and clean it with a rough cloth. Toothpaste is also very useful in cleaning taps.

4. After having scrubbed your sink correctly, rinse it with water.

5. Use a clean and absorbent cloth to wipe off the water.

6. You may scrub any deeply stained areas with baking powder if required.

how to clean bathroom floors

Step 4: Clean Your Bathroom Floor

A bathroom floor is the most critical bathroom area to clean since it can be harboring the most germs. Since many people don’t know how to clean a bathroom floor, we made a point of addressing it in this article. Before learning how to clean your bathroom floor, make sure it is dry and free of dust. For achieving clean flooring, follow these steps;

1. Take a container and fill it with warm water. Now, add a cleaning solution of your choice.

2. Dip your mop into the container and wring out any excess liquid.

3. Begin by cleaning the floor from the corners and moving all over the floor.

4. You can also spray a floor cleaner all over and clean it with a wet mop. You may use a wiper to finish the job.

how to clean a bathtub

Step 5: Clean Your Bathtub

A bathtub can be home to many germs, and we should know how to clean a bathroom tub quickly and effectively.

1. You may use either a disinfectant spray or a dedicated bathtub cleaner to apply all over the bathtub.

2. Let it sit for fifteen minutes and clean it with a harsh scrub.

3. Rinse the tub after cleaning it. To dry off the excess water, you should use a clean, dry cloth.

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