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What is Home

Everybody has a different opinion about the best way best to create the ideal home, but what we all have in common is that we experience the home as a space where we could be what we are.

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How To Clean A Bathroom

How To Clean A Bathroom

A bathroom is a place with an abundance of moisture, dirt, and bacteria. Since we rely on our bathroom for cleansing ourselves every day, it’s only evident that the bath itself should also be squeaky clean. An average bathroom requires a deep cleaning every two weeks.

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How To Unclog A Bathroom Sink

How To Unclog A Bathroom Sink

A clogged sink is a common occurrence in most households. Some people deal with clogged bathroom sinks by simply pouring toxic chemicals in their sinks. Although chemical solutions are handy, they can result in allergic reactions and are not incredibly safe.

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Things To Do At Home

Things To Do At Home

Now everything, if possible, is done at home for the safety and well-being of others and ourselves. Now, do we really know the things to do at home that we can do without hardly investing any money? Many people have been surprised by the number of things that can be done.

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Steps On How To Build A House

Steps On How To Build A House

The house is a considerably valuable asset in a person’s life where he cherishes all his memories from an infant to old age. It is a dream for every individual to build a beautiful and comfortable house according to their requirements.

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What Is Home?

A home can be defined as a space that an individual uses to live in or on it. It is in most cases a house or an apartment, but it can also be any other space that serves as a shelter.

House As A Home

The house is a building meant to accommodate people.  According to the number of housing units, it can be a residential building or a family house.

The luxury home is referred to as a villa.

The social units that reside in homes are households.  They are mostly composed of families, but may also be composed of other societal groups, like one individual or groups of unrelated people.

what is home about
Everybody has a different opinion about the best way best to create the ideal house, but what we all have in common is that we encounter the house as space where we could be what we are.

For some it’s a place where they’re surrounded by family members and precious items, for others it’s a refuge from frenetic everyday life, for others it’s an oasis where they can spend the entire day in pajamas watching films, TV series and eating in front of the TV.

No one, but no one said that the area where he resides, the look of the building, the size of this flat…

The privacy our home gives us private space where everything that happens outside is no more significant, allows us to be at home what we actually are, to be – us.

What is home for you

Emotions Are Significant, Not



Interior decorating pros agree: to be able to create a place where we feel good, it does not matter that it is a penthouse whose interior looks like photos from a home decorating magazine.

Until we start to feel that distance, until we bring our emotions and character into it, we won’t consider it home.

That’s the reason why, once we decorate a house, we often allow our hearts to guide us than our thoughts.   If some of our friends think we have created kitsch and insanity, we should not worry too much.

First, tastes aren’t discussed, and second, everybody arranges the house to make it feel comfortable and happy inside.

what is home

Changes Must Match Everybody!


From an evolutionary viewpoint, home means security, it’s a space where we’re protected, where we’re warm, and at which we can collect and raise a family.  How we arrange it’s also influenced by the house where we grew up, but also by the phases of development we undergo, in addition to the needs which change over time.

Our character, psychologists point out, isn’t given for all time, which is reflected in the desire for change in the area where we live.

That is why we often need to change something in our house: sometimes it is just adding details, occasionally a new furniture arrangement, and occasionally bigger interventions.

To make this happen, we don’t need to be surrounded by designer items, because the house reflects our character, depicts our own, not somebody else’s personality.

The lifestyle they provide and inflict on us remains unattainable.  But that does not matter, life is crucial, life is matter.

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