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Workout For Chest In Home

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Some people flip through the pages of a magazine and tried looking at work out or bodybuilding sites for buffed up men, protruding, and well-built pectoral muscles in the chests.

A toned strong chest is a fitness aesthetic for both males and females equally. This is because stronger pectoral muscles can help you in making your tasks and life, convenient and easier.


Be it rearranging the room furniture or unloading groceries or even looking fit, some exercises to workout for chest in home can help you to get these pectoral muscles better.

The workouts will not only build strength but enhance your overall health. You need not go to the gym but get some of them right in your comfort of home.

workout for chest at home
exercise for chest in home

Workout For Chest In Home:

Upper Body Workout For Chest

In Home

 Chest muscles are split into the pectoralis minor and major. They are also called pecs. Your chest or pectoral muscles are very powerful muscles that are within your upper body. They have a major role in pushing movements.

Focusing on these muscles can be potentially done by including workout exercises which target them. These can involve arm rotations, pulling towards the body center, lifting arms, swinging and pushing any heavy items.

Pectoral muscles occupy the major portion of the chest wall. Workouts will help you to burn a major amount of calories. For losing weight and toned up the body, these muscles are good ones to train. Not only this, the workouts will revive your body’s metabolism in a big way. The workouts will result in a muscular toned chest.

Below we will take a look at some exercises to workout chest in home.


Without any Equipment

1. Classic Push-ups

Old is gold, push-up, and its variations are some of the best workout exercises at home to improve chest strength. Depending on the execution time and body position, a push-up will impact various chest regions. It will result in a well-balanced strength in your upper body.


  • Regular push-ups- Use a wide grip and this is a good start for upper body and full body workout.
  • Incline push-ups- A steeper inclined push up will place lesser body weight during the push up. It focusses on the lower chest area.
  • Decline push-ups- These focus on deltoid muscles and upper chest muscles. It adds to body weight during a push up.
  • Plyometric push-ups- Clap push-ups and other ways of doing a push up will fire your cylindrical muscles.
  • Time under tension– Lower slowly and gradually push back to enhance the muscle mass. This will result in great conditioning.
workout for lower chest at home

2. Workout Chest In Home

  • 3 rounds of ten standard push-ups followed by star-jump for 60-seconds and then ten incline push-ups
  • Followed by star jumps for 60-seconds and then ten decline push-ups
  • Followed by star jumps for 60-seconds then 5 times under tension push-ups and thirty mountain climbers

exercise for chest in home

With minor equipment

3. Dumbbells Chest Workout


Begin with light-weighted dumbbells and get hold of the technique.

Gradually raise the weights until the final 3 to 4 reps are hard to carry out.


Below are some dumbbell workout for chest in home

Regular chest press- Lay down on a flat bench and hold the dumbbells. Keep shoulder-width range and do arm stretch over your shoulder. Descend and ascend gradually until the elbows a parallel to the ground and at a 90 degrees angle. Push the dumbbells back up releasing your breath to its initial position.

Incline chest press- Posture is the same as the regular one. When arms stretch, do wrist rotations with palms facing one another. Lower the dumbbells by inhaling and upwards while exhaling.

Decline chest press-  The same posture as above, lower the dumbbells gradually until the elbows are parallel to the ground. Bring the weights back up and contracting the chest.

Chest fly- Same posture as above, arms stretch above the chest area. Do not lock the elbows, lower the arms in a wide arc on both sides. Feel the chest stretch and then bring arms back up. The motion is for the shoulder joint level and not for elbows and arms. Incline chest fly and Decline chest fly are other variations in chest fly.

bigger chest at home

4. Chest Dips


This is an overall chest exercise to build your chest strong and toned. It adds width and depth to your chest. No dumbbells or equipment needed. However, you need two flat parallel surfaces or bars for a dip.

Grab the bars and keep your body to arm’s length and hold without bending your knees or touching them to the floor. Lower the body and feel the stretch. Repeat.




You can do exercise workout for chest in home but ensure to maintain balance in the workout. Safety first so, try exercising all muscle groups in turns. The above mentioned are some workouts for chest that can be comfortably done at home for all round performance, strength and toned pectoral muscles.

If you want to read more about – workout for chest in home, or about fitness in general, you can do it here.

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