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How To Do Push-Ups?

Push-ups are one of the best exercises that can be used for gaining some extra muscles in your arms, shoulders, and chest if you do them properly without missing any detail, however, that is the most difficult part. It has been studied that at least 65% of those fitness and sports enthusiasts that are distributed around the world can’t make and follow proper push-ups, which means that they are not obtaining the perfect results.

They are doing things wrong that could cost them a lot in the future if they don’t discover how to do push-ups and fix this problem as soon as possible.

how to do a push up

How to do Push-Ups: The Process Explained

First of all, you need to know what are the negative effects that your body will suffer due to not doing proper push-ups. So, doing bad or incomplete push-ups could develop some injuries or pain in your arm muscles which can lead to annoying situations where you could even feel the need to go to a doctor due to not being able to restrain the pain episodes.

Also, another common issue will be the fact that your results will be not be developed as they were intended to be, an example of this could be when someone gets bigger muscle gains after doing 100 push-ups every day and you just obtain a small percentage of those amazing results.

Without losing more time, stay tuned to finally discover how to do push-ups and not fail in the process of obtaining a better and healthy body that will boost your life and social conditions, let’s begin with the explanation.

how to do push ups

Step #1: Time to Adjust the Body Posture

Knowing how to do push-ups is not something impossible, at least until you memorize the fundamental basics, being the first step taking a basic posture in which you will have to place your whole body down on all fours, you can do this in two ways, you could do the traditional posture where your hands will be placed slightly wider than your shoulders to be able to create and gain better muscles and movement in your arms.

You could also put down your knees and make contact with the floor. However, in this way, your torso and arms will be the only parts that will need to get down on the process, so you can expect fewer wastes of energy but also worse results.

what do push ups work

Step #2: Correct Position of Arms and Legs

Something that most people tend to do wrong with push-ups is the arms and legs position, and while discovering how to do push-ups is easy, in reality, the practical time will not be as easy since your arms will be exposed to some heavy pressure when you are not familiarized with these kinds of exercises, so, when it’s time to lower your body we tend to move away from our arms original position to an incorrect posture, and while that can make the exercise a lot easier, the results will be as ineffective and not worth it, it will hurt, but try to follow the rules and measures.

Straightening your arms and legs in a single and similar position will be more than enough, however, you need to be concentrated and careful while doing the push-ups because it’s not complicated to change the position without you even knowing it, and while that shouldn’t be enough to develop an injury, it will also not be enough to develop proper results.

how to do push-ups properly

Step #3: Lowering the Body and Pause Intervals

Finally, it’s time when you will reach the most difficult part of the exercise, and it’s a fact that lowering your body and then managing to push yourself back up to the original all in four posture is something that can leave a lot of people without breath, however, you can’t do this in an incorrect way or your shoulders will start to show negative symptoms of injury that were caused due to not doing things well.

After you managed to lower your body at the point where your torso almost reaches the floor, you need to take a breath and then pull yourself up slowly but efficient at the same time, remember something, unless you are in a competition, there is no need to rush things, take your time, remember to catch some air but don’t try to make things easier or difficult, know your limits and respect them.

The last part of discovering how to do push-ups is respecting the pause intervals that exist after lowering and pushing up your body every single time, you can manage to get some nice timing while doing the difficult of the exercise, however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t slow down and do things with more calm. It’s almost funny because most injuries caused by push-ups are developed due to being the fastest individual on doing this exercise, and that can be good, but it can also be your doom, remember to respect your body, take a breath, repeat the process and everyone will be okay, good luck in that fitness routine!

If you want to read more about- how to do push-ups, or about fitness in general, you can read here.

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