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Arm Workout  

At Home

Exercises for strengthening the arms do not require certain conditions, you can perform them even at home, and achieve excellent results.

Arm workout at home is easy to perform, and also good because of the efficiency and comfort it provides.


From exercise props, you need almost nothing but an elastic band and light weights can be helpful.

If you do not have weights, this is not a problem, because you can replace them with two bottles of water.

In the text below we present you a few examples of exercises for arm workout at home that will give great results:

arm workout at home with weights

4 Efficient Ways For Arm Workout At Home

1. Push-Ups

When we talk about arm workout at home, it is impossible to omit push-ups. Push-ups have several variations, and you can hit the front and back of the arms with almost the same exercise.

If your emphasis is on your chest and biceps, take a wider position at the push-up position and hit that muscle group.

arms workout at home

Want to hit the middle part of the pectoral muscle or triceps? A diamond push-up will help you with that.

The exercise is performed by placing your hands so that your index fingers and thumbs form a triangle.

For the beginning, 10 repetitions in two series are quite enough. You can determine the way of performing the exercise and the number of repetitions per series based on your needs and strength.

2. Elastic Band


Exercises with an elastic band are performed standing, and their uniqueness is that the movements are performed with muscle strength only.

Some of these exercises are:

  • Stand with your left foot on one end of the elastic band, and hold the other with your left hand and raise your hand slightly until your hand is above your head. Repeat 10 times, then repeat everything with your right foot and hand. Do the exercise in the 3-4 series.


  • Now hold both ends of the elastic band holding them at shoulder height. Gently stretch the band by pulling the end of It while still holding the other in the same position. Repeat the exercise 10 times, and then do the same with the other hand. You can also do 3-4 sets, and then repeat the exercise, stretching both ends of the tape at the same time.

3. Plank

Plank is one of the best exercises for arm workout at home.

Although, we can say that plank is a great exercise for the whole body. It will strengthen your arm muscles and increase the endurance of your body.

You need to stay in the plank position for 20 seconds. Repeat the exercise three times during training.

You will be tired, but satisfied because the results will be visible in a very short time.

arms workout from home

4. Weights


You will need to use weights if you perform this arm workout at home. If you don’t have them, you can always use plastic bottles filled with water, as we have already said.


  • For the first exercise, take 1kg weights (or less If you feel this is too much). You need to place your hands next to your body, holding weights in your fists. Then, gently raise your arms to shoulder height until they are completely straight. Hold them in that position for a few seconds and return them to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 10 times in a series.


  • Second exercise: Take a weight of one kilogram and place both hands behind your head. Then, with light movements, lower and lift the weight with your hands, keeping them behind your head at all times. Repeat the exercise 7 to 10 times during one series.


  • Third exercise: Lift the weight while leaning on the bench to perform this exercise correctly, you need to lean with your left knee and left hand on a stable surface, there does not have to be a bench, but it is the easiest way. Take the weight in your right hand and slightly lean your upper body forward. Raise and lower the weight 10 times, and after ten repetitions change the arm with which you lift the weight and the leg with which you lean.
arm workout at home with dumbbells

You can determine the number of repetitions of exercises and series, which suits you best. You can increase them over time. It is important that you perform the exercises correctly in order to avoid injury and do not forget to stretch at the end of the training.

If you want to read more about – arm workout at home and a lot more about fitness you can read here.

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