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How Much People Are In The World?

How much People are in the World: The Challenges of the Future

The world challenges us every day and the more we know about each region of the planet the better the quality of life of its inhabitants. The first question we should ask ourselves is how much people are in the world. That will give us a guideline of all the work that needs to be done so that each inhabitant of this planet lives better every day.

Currently, the population of the planet is estimated at 7700 million inhabitants, divided into six continents: Asia, American Continent, Africa, Europe, Oceania and Antarctica. Each one of these regions has its own goals to achieve in the future.


how many people are in asia


Whenever we ask ourselves how much people are in the world, the first thing we remember is that Asia is the most inhabited continent on Earth. This region concentrates 61% of the world’s population. Being such a populous continent, it suffers from serious environmental problems such as climate change, numerous floods, and air pollution.

On the other hand, Asia also represents a powerful economic growth driven by China and India, the two most populated countries on the planet. The Asian economy is very competitive, which lends itself to problems of labor exploitation. Several international human rights organizations are investigating this issue, as well as several dictatorial governments in the region.

how many people are in america

The American Continent

Those who wonder how much people are in the world do so because they want to know the fate of the planet. America, also called the American Continent, presents diverse challenges. This region is divided into three parts: North America, Central America, and South America. The power of North America, driven by the United States, is aimed at solving environmental problems, improving its relationship with China, and maintaining its economic leadership in the world.

Central and South America have always had serious problems with wealth distribution. A very low percentage of the population has the greatest wealth of their respective countries. Another problem that this region has to solve is criminality, caused by poor education and mismanagement of the economy.

how many people are in africa


When we think about how much people are in the world we worry about the fate of Africa. This continent of great natural wealth and beautiful landscapes has always suffered serious problems of poverty and malnutrition in its inhabitants. Africa has been the victim of very corrupt governments that have illegally enriched themselves.

Another challenge of the African continent is the situation of women in different countries of the region. Even today millions of women are forced to obey men and are severely punished if they do not. Africa, with international aid, must urgently solve the problem of child malnutrition. This scourge endangers the survival of the next generations.

how many people are in europe


When we question how much people are in the world it is because we want to know how each region of the planet faces the future. Europe currently has 745 million inhabitants. The Old Continent tends to decrease its number of inhabitants since many women have decided not to have children or to have only one.

That means that Europe has a high percentage of the population over 60 years old and a few children. This generates a problem in the generational change in their respective countries. This continent has serious immigration problems because they have strong restrictions. Europe’s population is aging rapidly, making it a non-competitive region in the future, in the face of powerful countries such as the United States and China.


Oceania and Antarctica

When we think about how much people are in the world, we know that the population is spread over the planet in an unequal way. Oceania has two highly developed countries such as Australia and New Zealand, which have few inhabitants and large territories. This continent needs more inhabitants to take advantage of the riches of its countries and secure an encouraging future. The countries of Oceania promote immigration and many will live there to work and progress.

Antarctica, the coldest continent on Earth, is the only region on the planet that has no native human population.

The great goal of this continent is to continue with the various scientific studies that develop in the area. Several countries work to get to know the newest continent on the planet.

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