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How Much Of The Ocean Has Been Explored?

Oceans may be limited on our planet, however, that doesn’t mean that exploring it will be incredibly easy, since as many knows, even from the beginning of humankind the population has been making multiple progress and creating methods that can be used to cross waters and travel distances even when a big and vast ocean is in the middle of our objective.


Boats, luxury yachts, and even submarines have been developed and manufactured with a single purpose, exploration, and even in the Bible you can find that navigation was a thing even in those times, so how much of the ocean has been explored? It’s finally the time to discover if our progress has been justified with the pass of time, stay tuned.

how much of the ocean have we explored

How Much of the Ocean has been Explored:


It’s incredible how big oceans are in general since a lot of markets and industries use it as a way of moving multiple people as a way of making good touristic experiences or even for shipping that need to go through a continent to another one, but you may end disappointed after discovering how much of the ocean has been explored when in fact, only 5% has been totally discovered by humankind and the rest stills remain as a complete mystery of science and society.


Now you may be in shock after reading how much of the ocean has been discovered, and with the answer being only 5%, should be nothing to be surprised for since you may know that discovering the ocean below the surface is almost an impossible task with our current technology because the pressure is just too big for the human body to handle, leaving everyone that might want to join the adventure scared of even going down again.

We are talking about insane comparisons in pressure, for example, it has been estimated that at some point it will be like if you were a coin and on top of you a polar bear will be sitting on your body, and yes, it’s actually just like that.

how much of the ocean is unexplored

The Scary Part of the Ocean Bellow the Surface:

What is left to explore is not the surface part of the ocean, since there are lots of channels and travel routes that every boat, yacht, or even fishing boats take when they need to fulfill their duties. In fact, the part below the surface is something that only true brave humans want to experience by themselves since there are some points where the pressure would crush your body in seconds and also we can’t forget about the fact that the light on the surface will start to reduce leaving a complete blackout down below.

There have been some records in the history of humankind, a submarine was able to go very deep into the ocean and the person experienced a lot of difficulties not only for the blackouts or pressure issues that caused one of the windows of the submarine to start leaking water, but they also had to deal with the thought of facing any animal’s specimen that has been discovered yet, remember, not discovering the other 65% part of the ocean means that hundreds or even millions of aquatic species are left to discover, so the danger is real.

what percentage of the ocean has been explored

How Much of the Ocean is Left to Discover?


Now as you have discovered how much of the ocean has been explored you might want to ask the opposite question which is how much of the ocean is left to discover?

Well, as you may know, our planet consist or 70% aquatic environments and since we only managed to discover a small 5%, there is other 65% out there that has not been managed to be discovered, so we can expect to be missing lots of mysteries, animal species that could be used for scientific motives and for the local economy as well as not fully discovering pieces of the human story.

For example, there are some missing aircraft, boats, and others transports that has not been discovered after they called in the ocean below the surface.


However, there is no mystery in society about how much of the ocean has been explored, since there are lots of individuals and professionals around the world that are dealing with these problems to start discovering more parts of our big world at every moment, but they first are creating methods to fight against the insane pressure, blackouts and even the cold and scary mysteries of the oceans with the purpose of finally managing to discover every missing part of our world’s history and to end these series of interesting theories that manage to get everyone interested in this topic, let’s pray for the success of science!

If you want to read more about- how much of the ocean has been explored, or about water in general, you can read here.

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