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How Much Gold Is In The World?

There are some valuable products or minerals in the role, and one of these most important is gold which is used in lots of markets and industries as a good and expensive or well-looking alternative to other common materials with the slight difference that gold is more demanded since it counts with peculiar uses and capabilities that benefits multiple industries.

However, gold is not cheap, in fact, is one of the most expensive minerals in the world, and since that is something that most people would like to have in their hands, there should be lots of gold in the world, right? Well, to answer this question it’s time to discover how much gold is in the world and resolve this incredible mystery, let’s discover the truth!

how much gold is in the world in dollars

How Much Gold is in the World:


Before discovering how much gold is in the world you need to know for what reason gold is so demanded in the actual society and well, it’s a fact that most jewels and pieces of jewelry require gold to develop or craft most of their expensive products such as rings, necklaces and other accessories that are demanded by a lot of people due to the incredible and outstanding design that it has.

However, that is not the only practical use of gold since the industry of machines such as computers or even the military vehicles such as jets depends on gold to make their stuff work properly and sadly, the demand is too great for the small amount of gold that is in the world, so it’s time to discover how much gold is in the world.


If you are thinking that the world as lots of gold on the earth then you couldn’t more wrong than most people that think that gold will be unlimited and cheaper in the future when in reality we have only about 244,000 metric tons of gold have been discovered up to date. only four countries were capable of obtaining great percentages of those numbers, being China, Australia, South Africa, and the US the principal gold discovered and miners in the world, leaving others to shame in terms of this complicate but profitable practice.

how much unmined gold is left

So… Does that mean that there is lots of Gold in the World?

Actually, it’s too sad to inform that gold is actually one of the fewer resources that earth has since it’s just too good to be true and it requires a lot of natural measures to be formed, and not everyone counts with tons of them in their national grounds or mines.

It’s estimated that the whole world reserves of gold will be more than enough to make a cube of 144 meters wide on every side and that would be all of it, and in these actual days the cube that could be constructed will be only 28 meters wide, so there is at least some golden possibilities in the future, however, that is almost nothing compared to other important resources. So things will get messy.

After discovering how much gold is in the world you may be a little disappointed since you could think that something as important as gold could be bigger in terms of “stock” but sadly, things are not too good in this world, right? Well, you don’t have to worry too much since those amounts of gold are just more than enough! Remember that most jewels don’t use too much gold and other industries doesn’t require chunks of gold to make their devices, remember that they need to put some order in the cost of investments or everything will go down.

how much gold per person in the world

Conclusion – Would this Cause problem in the Future?


Discovering how much gold is in the world might leave you out of your thoughts and actually you may be even scared about the future problems that could surge after this discovery, right? Well, you can safely rest since there are some other priorities that need to be fulfilled in the future, and actually more other resources will be used before gold for basic purposes.

If there is even going to be a shortage of gold in the world you can expect to don’t affect too much the whole human population in the way that you are thinking or even by that point of humankind, other alternatives that will be as well as effective and less expensive will be on the market so stay cool!

If you want to read more about – how much gold is in the world,  or gold in general you can read here.

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