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Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes

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Feed and hay are the most common foods in the diet of rabbits, which in addition to being high in fiber and low in calories also regulates their digestive system and helps keep the teeth of these adorable animals in good condition.


However, these are not their only source of food, you can vary the diet of rabbits with different fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes.

If you want to know if rabbits can eat tomatoes, you are in the right place. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes?

The answer to this question is without a doubt yes! Rabbits can eat tomato but this should not be one of their main sources of nutrition.

However, it is an excellent option to vary their diet and even to offer it as a reward, since this is a fruit that they like a lot.

do rabbits eat tomatoes plants

It is very important to mention the stem and leaves of the tomato plant can be toxic to rabbits and can cause health problems. Therefore, rabbits can only eat tomatoes.

can rabbits eat cherry tomatoes

There are several types of tomatoes, from the typical round and very red, to elongated tomatoes and the popular cherry tomatoes. Due to their size, the latter is practical for animals such as rabbits, so it is very common to ask, Can rabbits eat tomatoes cherry?

The answer to this question is also yes. No matter the size of the tomato, as long as it is ripe, clean, fresh, and free of leaves, it does not represent a danger to the rabbit.

Now, what about other varieties of rabbits? Can dwarf rabbits eat tomato? Again, yes, there is no problem if a dwarf rabbit eats a tomato. In this case, however, the size of the pieces must be taken into account so that there is no risk of suffocation.

Benefits Of Tomato For Your


Tomatoes are a source of vitamins A, B6, and C, as well as potassium and antioxidants. These are very good for rabbits, not only because they can eat it without risk of poisoning, but also because it provides different benefits for them.


Among the most outstanding benefits of tomato in rabbits we can find:

will rabbits eat tomatoes

1. Helps prevent premature aging

2. Reduce the cholesterol

3. Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and risks of heart attack

4. It is a diuretic, so it helps expel toxins

5. Reduces the risk of infections

6. Supports the immune system, thus helping to prevent diseases

7. Regulates intestinal transit

8. Protect the skin

All of these benefits apply only to ripe red tomatoes. But can rabbits eat tomatoes green? Can rabbits eat tomatoes yellow?

In this case, it is recommended to be careful, since green or yellow tomatoes are toxic and rabbits could suffer allergic reactions or poisoning, this is because these tomatoes are not completely ripe and are more acidic.

can rabbits eat tomato leaves

How To Feed Tomato To Rabbits?

Now that you know that rabbits can eat red tomatoes, not green, it is time to explain what is the best way to add it to their diet.

The process is really simple, just select a tomato that is quite red and wash it very well.

Afterward, the upper part must be removed, where the small fork that joined the tomato to the stem is located. In case you have left, they should also be removed.

Afterward, it only remains to cut the tomato into small pieces according to the size of the rabbit, very large pieces are dangerous because there is a risk of suffocation.

are tomatoes toxic to rabbits

Now you must be wondering

Can rabbits eat tomatoes peels?

The answer to these questions is undoubted yes again. The truth is that rabbits can safely eat tomato peel.


However, it should be noted that tomato is an occasional food in your diet, and therefore it is recommended to give only a few pieces once or twice a week.

What Should Be Avoided?

Although tomato is good for rabbits, its consumption should not be abused to avoid health problems in rabbits. We must bear in mind that if we want to give tomatoes to a rabbit, they must be in ripe and good condition, bruised parts must be avoided at all costs and rotten parts must be completely removed. A stale tomato can cause poisoning or severe diarrhea in the rabbit.

The tomato must be given raw, it is very important not to cook it before giving it to the rabbit since during this process the tomato changes its chemical composition causing it to become more acidic.

Nor should we give canned tomatoes or tomato sauce preparations, these products contain preservatives, sugars, and chemicals that can be harmful to rabbits.

If you want to read more about rabbits you can read here.

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