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Can Cats Eat Eggs?

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Reliable Info About Can Cats Eat Eggs

Can cats eat eggs? This is a question likely to come to your mind if you desire to share a little of your breakfast with your little kitty. Well, the answer to this question is yes. Cats indeed can eat eggs, and in fact, in the wild, kitties are known to raid the nests of birds for eggs. As cats are omnivores they need animal protein, and since eggs are completely animal protein, it is safe for cats to consume.


Certain cat foods also contain a little amount of egg added as a protein boost and also a binder. This further confirms that you can feed eggs to your cat. But, before you go ahead and begin feeding them this protein-rich food, there are things that you need to know which we shall share right away.

can cat eat eggs


Are Eggs Good for Kitties?


Together with containing a good amount of protein, eggs are also rich in vitamins A, B, D, E, and K. Furthermore, they even contain zinc, selenium, riboflavin, iron, and thiamine.


As eggs are rich in biotic, they can help make your cat’s eyes clear, fur thick, and claws strong. They contain ten important amino acids that your cat requires. Also, as eggs are mostly water, they are perfect for your kitties if they do not hydrate themselves as often as they should.


So, can cats eat eggs? Yes, they can, and not only the healthy ones even those that you are trying to nurse and are not eating well can benefit by eating some eggs. It may offer them the energy that they need to get started.


can cats eat raw eggs

How Often Can You Feed Eggs To Cats?


One important thing you need to know and remember is that eggs are rich in cholesterol and fat as well. Too much protein can get converted into fat. So, if you do not want your kitty to put on too much weight and later have heart issues then you must feed eggs only in moderation.


Another important question that needs to be answered is that can cats eat eggs if they have kidney problems. Well, it will be a good idea not to feed them eggs and not even to those kitties who are trying to shed weight. Eggs anyway should not be even given to healthy kitties every day. Do not feed them an entire egg at a go. Just a little and once in a while is okay.

can cats eat eggs cooked

Can You Feed Raw Eggs To Cats?


Never can cats eat eggs that are raw. Not only do raw eggs contain E. coli and salmonella bacteria, but if you cook the egg whites it burns away a lot of the avidin. Since the white contains the most nutritional value, you must make sure that this part of the egg is safe for your kitties to consume.


There are many recipes that require you to use uncooked egg yolk. If at all you do this, it must be on rare occasions. Though wild cats may have no issues eating raw eggs, the domesticated ones are different.

can cat eat egg

What Is The Right Way To Feed Eggs?


Just like the other foods that you offer your feline friend, eggs too must not be spoiled. You must never offer your cat any human food that you yourself will not eat.


A good way to start will be to add a little boiled egg to their kibble and mix it. Some boiled eggs offered once in a while serves to be a healthy and tasty treat. You can even sprinkle a little of the powdered shell onto their food to give them an added dose of calcium. Poached and scrambled eggs are good for those cats that require something that is soft and can easily be digested.


Remember, cats are fussy eaters. They may not want to taste an egg at all. So, it will be best to mix the egg with any food that your cat enjoys eating so that she at least tries it out.


To Conclude –


Now that your question “can cats eat eggs” has been answered, you can go ahead and feed your kitties the same, but in moderation and in a safe way. Mix it with their usual food, or if your kitty likes it, then feed them a little boiled egg as an occasional treat. Either way, it is going to taste good while also allowing your cat to enjoy some health benefits.

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