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Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

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Cats can make one of the perfect pets for a household. They are gentle creatures who do not require much upkeep and can survive pretty well on their own. Cats can be bundles of joy in a family and show the same level of love and affection that a dog does towards its family members. There are a number of items that your cats can eat and digest without having any adverse effects. 

can cats eat chocolate

However, there are some items that an owner needs to be careful with. In this article, we shall talk about whether chocolate can be a good food item for your cat or not. Read on to find out more.

can cats eat white chocolate

Is chocolate dangerous for your cat?

We often consider giving our pet treats from time to time. However, the type of treats you are giving to your cat can have a serious effect on their health. Some food items which we humans love, like chocolate, can be bad for your cats. Even a small amount of chocolate can be harmful to your cats.

Chocolate contains the ingredients of caffeine and theobromine in them. These two substances can be extremely harmful to both cats and dogs.

It has been shown that chocolate tends to get absorbed much more slowly in cats than in humans. Thus, even if your cat has a little bit of chocolate, it can be enough to trigger adverse reactions in them. Caffeine is also a stimulant like Theobromine and affects our furry friends much more than it does to us, humans. A lot of adverse reactions have been reported in cats when they consumed chocolate. Thus, the question can cats eat chocolate gets answered here.

Symptoms of chocolate toxicity in cats

There are a number of symptoms that have been reported with cats having chocolate. They can be in the form of diarrhea, tremors, seizures, vomiting, hyperactivity, and even death. Cats are much more sensitive to chocolates than we are. Thus, even if they consume a tiny amount of chocolate, adverse symptoms may start to show. 

Initially, your cat may experience vomiting and diarrhea, along with hyperactivity. If they are not treated immediately, increased thirst, tremors, and restlessness may occur.

If your cat consumes a large amount of chocolate, they may experience seizures, stiffness, and can even die. The levels of caffeine and theobromine differ in different types of chocolate. Dark chocolate has a greater risk for cats than milk chocolate.

Can cats eat white chocolate?

White chocolate does not contain solids of cocoa and has extremely low levels of caffeine and theobromine in them. Thus, it will not be enough for causing any such adverse or serious reaction in your cats. However, you still should refrain from feeding your cat any kind of chocolate as it is. Doing so otherwise can cause your cats to develop a habit for chocolates and might end up consuming something which would not be suitable for them.

can cats eat chocolate ice cream

Can cats eat chocolate ice cream?

Chocolate ice cream contains small amounts of chocolate in them. However, the greater risk here is of your cat consuming too much sugar which can result in them being hyperactive or having diarrhea. Also, if your cat consumes a lot of chocolate ice cream, then the toxic ingredients in them for cats have a slightly larger risk of showing adverse symptoms. However, there are special types of ice cream available for cats and dogs which you can get at your local pet store. These types of treats and ice creams are made from substances that do not possess any adverse health risks for your cats and can even be beneficial for them. Thus, if you are thinking of getting your cat a treat, it is best to buy it from your pet store.


Final thoughts

Chocolate of any kind should not be given to cats. As a cat owner, you should strive to feed your cat food items which will be healthy for them and build their immune system. There are a lot of tasty food options out there for your cat if she is a picky eater. You should endeavor at all times that your cat is getting nutritious and healthy meals and developing good eating habits.

If you want to read more about the question – can cats eat chocolate? And lot more about animal health you can read here.

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