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Things To Remember When Dating A Single Mom

When Dating A Single Mom?

You finally met the girl of your dreams, but she happens to be a single mother. Nobody should let this be a deal-breaker.

It won’t matter if she has kids. What matters is she has the personality and looks that match the one that you like. Here are a few things to keep in mind when dating a single mom:

Understand the Schedule

When dating a single mom there is always the possibility that they would cancel dates at the last minute. It is not because they have a lot more priorities in mind. 

when dating with single mom

One good example would be her babysitter canceling at the last minute, so she would do the same. That would leave nobody to watch her kids if ever she decides to go out.

Of course, there is always the possibility of bringing the date to her so you can bring food and drinks over to her place. When dating a single mom you must have in your mind that in most cases, she will dedicate her schedule to a full-time job and taking care of the kids.

It would even still depend on how old the kids are. If they are in school, then she must spend time tutoring them.

how to date with single mom

Know Her Priorities

When dating a single mom, you must know that she will put her kids above work and dating. Yes, having a boyfriend is not really important for single moms. She already has something that makes her happy and that is her kids. If you don’t realize what her priorities are all about, you may get ghosted in a hurry.

That is definitely not a good feeling since you thought you had it all under control only to get shut out at the end. It is such a quick end to something you thought would turn into a happy ending.

Thus, better accept the fact that she will be talking about her kids from time to time. Better pretend that you care about her kids if you don’t because if she gets the impression that you don’t then she will not hesitate to look for other options.

Care for Her Emotions

She will go through a lot of tough times so be sure to be there for her during those times.

One good example would be going through rough times at work than having a fight with her kids. Those are times you would not want to have as a single mother but you would just need to accept it and move on.

She would need someone to talk to so better console her during those tough times so it won’t be long before she would trust you.

when dating with single mom

Offer some Relaxing Sessions

Since a single mother would be busy with her job and kids all the time, it would be a fantastic idea to offer her a chance to go on vacation. It could be a few days at the beach or the mountains to get her mind off of things.

Another good option would be to surprise her when you book her for a spa date. It is always relaxing for someone to get a full body massage as it eases your soul one way or the other. Giving her a home-cooked meal would also be nice.


ex from single mom

Avoid Her Ex

It is possible she will have a few encounters with her ex-husband or boyfriend about child disputes and financial matters. The only part you must remember about that is that it is totally none of your business.

The only time you can give your opinion on the matter is if she brings it up during one of your dates.

Other than that, it won’t be wise to bring it up as it is a sensitive topic to talk about. She may have had a bad experience with her former love so it would be best to just let it go.




In conclusion, you need to be mindful of so many things when dating a single mom. Hence, there is a good reason why most men would prefer girls who don’t have kids yet. Yes, single mothers can change their minds about you in a hurry. If you really like the single mother, you would accept her for what she is and that is someone who will prioritize her kids over anything in the world because she loves them so much.


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