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Relationship Deal Breakers

Relationship Deal Breakers

Prior to defining a relationship and committing to each other, it is important for you to decide on somebody who is genuinely appropriate for you.

All of us have automatic relationship deal breakers which we might not be aware of or which we don’t realize until we come across them.

However, you’ll come across several universal relationship deal breakers at present which we have mentioned in the following paragraphs.

relationship deal breakers

1. Too Much Self-Love

When we talk about relationship deal breakers you need to keep in mind in most cases, focusing only on yourself will be one of the simplest ways of breaking any relationship. At present, it has become a norm to assert that you need to take care of your personal requirements and love yourself. It might be a sensible idea in case you like to be alone.

However, a certain level of self-sacrifice will be required for every successful relationship. It is important for partners to devote adequate time to one another.

In case they focus only on their personal requirements, their partners might feel unloved in the long run.

relationship dealbreakers

2. Focusing On The Flaws

It will be easy for a relationship to break in case one partner is always looking for the flaws of the other.

It is common for every individual to make mistakes, and there is no point in searching for flaws in the person.

If you are searching for flaws, that will be certainly one of the relationship deal breakers. Rather than looking for flaws in a partner, it will be sensible to focus on his or her positive qualities.

3. Discontent

Nothing can be bad in a relationship than complaining, whining, and resenting any partner. Complaints are going to negate any pleasant thing that might be present between individuals.

Trying to make one person feel guilty about his actions is not going to fortify the relationship. On the other hand, the situation will only be worsened by this kind of behavior. In case you resent something, it will be sensible to discuss it with your partner positively.

Do not try to blame him for everything.

4. Not Respecting A Partner

It is important to appreciate partners and also respect their desires and opinions in case one likes to be in a romantic relationship.

When you are not respecting your partner, then it is definitely one of the relationship deal breakers.

One should make it a point to listen to his or her partners instead of paying more attention to the opinions of friends, parents, or anyone else.

relationship deal breaker

In the event of any problem in a relationship, it is essential to discuss it with their partners and one should not ask somebody else for any advice.

5. Telling Lies

It is essential to trust one another to make the relationship healthy. Lies have the ability to end any relationship since it is amongst the worst relationship deal breakers, particularly for the guys.

Telling the truth will be a sensible idea even though it might result in conflict. Being honest will be the best policy without any fear.

Trust and love are the foundations of any successful relationship and these can be killed by lies.

Therefore, in case any individual tells a lie at least once, it might cause his partner to doubt him regarding everything.

deal breakers for relationship

6. Abusing Your Partner


Any kind of abuse can be a deal breaker in a relationship out there. One should not tolerate any kind of abusive behavior irrespective of whether it is verbal, physical, or emotional.

In case you are hurt by your partner in any capacity, whether he used some abusive words to scare you or even hurt you, your relationship should come to an end.

It is important for a partner to be your best friend whom you will not fear.

7. Discussing Your Relationship With Other Individuals

In case you tell the stories of what is happening between both of you to any friend of yours, the consequences will be sad.

Although your conflict might be solved, the person involved in it will be having negative thoughts about you for quite some time.

It will be dishonest to reveal any hidden secret which is important for you to any other person. He will simply laugh at it or even tell about it to somebody else.

8. Not Willing To Apologize

A relationship can be saved by begging apologies. Nobody in this world is perfect and partners might hurt one another on some occasions. In such cases, it is important for them to apologize sincerely. Words have the ability to create stronger bonds and also heal wounds. Failing to apologize is actually a personality flaw which can spoil a relationship in the long run.




These are several of the common relationship deal breakers which are faced by couples at present. While they might be serious enough for some individuals to end their relationships, for some others they might be not. Therefore, always take your own time and make certain that it is a genuine relationship deal breaker for you prior to walking away.


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