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How To Kiss Someone?

How To Kiss Someone: 4 Best Tips

Few things in life are as good as the thrill of a kiss, especially when you have done a great job to win a woman or a man and receive the deserved reward.

We’ve all had our shares. And sure enough, some of those kisses were more memorable than others. Although the vast majority were great, some were poorly executed that they made us wonder: what was I doing?

Who has never had such an experience in life? There are those people who open their mouths too wide, giving the impression that they want to swallow us.

Another terrible situation is when they put their tongue so deeply into your mouth that they seem to be trying to choke you. When kissing, take it easy and do your best because the first impression is what remains. He or she will hardly want to try again if it was ugly. Below are tips on how to kiss someone.

how to kiss someone for the first time

1. Take Care Of Your Breath.

Who has never had the misfortune to kiss someone with bad breath? In addition to being unpleasant for olfactory reasons, it also gives the impression that you have no oral hygiene at all.

How do you avoid this? In addition to the obvious, brushing your teeth at least three times a day, flossing, brushing your tongue, and visiting the dentist a few times a year, are other things you can do.

You should also stay hydrated and fed since lack of fluids and food can make your mouth dry, causing bad breath. And of course, having a pack of gum in your pocket always helps.

when you kiss someone and it feels right

2. Go Easy With The Tongue

The entire tongue, entering quickly and deeply into the mouth, is as lacking in tact as walking into someone’s house and walking on the carpet in your wet boots. You may not be as welcome next time as before! Take the time to be gentle with your mouth and tongue, and wait for someone to invite you nicely.

Kissing also means making contact with the other, getting to know each other in their reactions, hence the need to go slow while in this contact. Playing back and forth between varying degrees of intensity allows you to appreciate the other’s reactions, and in the end, both of you enjoy.

3. Know When To Control The Rhythm.

Sometimes your partner puts his or her tongue in your mouth and leaves it there as if it were frozen. Or, worse, move it so quickly that it looks like it’s trying to fight yours. Be prepared for this; your job is to keep pace when necessary.

If your partner’s kiss is terrible, make it look good. The movement and touch of tongues must be done calmly. Go around it, suck it lightly, and keep your lips soft and relaxed.

when you kiss someone and you feel something

4. Moderate Saliva Exchange

Moderate saliva exchange is normal and even good. But be careful not to smear it. There’s no secret to this: just don’t let too much saliva accumulate in your mouth while you’re kissing.

If you need to change the pace, try to move away to take that basic swallow and come back for more action. To become a good kisser, you need to practice and do research on how to kiss someone.

Kissing is instinctive; the rules to learn how to kiss someone are few. What matters then is to follow your instinct and try to be as spontaneous as possible.

In Conclusion

Kissing is the gateway to sexual intercourse. Your partner can decide after a single kiss, whether they will have sex with you in the future or not.

If the kiss is hot and messes, the imagination starts to work and can make him or her fantasize about how good it would be to go to bed with you.

For your kisses to be appreciated, take the time to analyze your way of doing things and see the changes to be made to improve your skills on how to kiss someone.

Kissing well is also respecting the other by not only being centered on your own excitement but by being in contact with the rhythm of the other. It is learning to be with the other in this intimate contact.

It’s a great way to start learning to live your excitement and modulate it to share a moment rather than going into their excitement while leaving the other with a bitter or unpleasant taste of this contact.

If you want to read more about- how to kiss someone, or about the kiss in general, you can read here.

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