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How Much Water A Day?

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Our body mainly consists of water at around 60% or more. Water loss from our bodies occurs typically through sweat and urine. For the prevention of dehydration, we need to consume lots of water. But how much water is too much? The internet is surrounded with lots of opinions on how much water a day should we drink.


Health authorities generally recommend drinking 8-ounce glasses, equating to around 2 liters, or around a half gallon. This is known as the 8×8 rule and can be remembered quite simply.


However, many health experts believe that you’ve got to sip water often in the day, also when you aren’t thirsty. Different sources state different facts, and most people aren’t aware of the right water consumption amount.

How much water a day

Just like many other things, the water intake also depends on capacity of the individual. A lot of external and internal factors determine the requirement of water such as bodyweight, exercising capacity, weather, food and fluid intake, etc.

There are various studies for water intake that can separate fiction and fact and explains how much simple is it to match water consumption with your requirements. Let’s have a look at all these!

how much water a day should we drink

How Much Water A Day Should We Drink?

Water is lost on a daily basis through perspiration, breath, bowel movements, and urine. For proper functioning of the body, you need to replenish the water supply with the consumption of foods and beverages containing water.

How much water a day is required by a healthy adult living in a temperature climate? National Academies of Sciences, medicine, and engineering determines adequate intake of fluid to be around:

For men – 15.5 cup – 3.7 liters

For women – 11.5 cups – 2.7 liters for a day for women.


The recommended intake covers fluids through water, food, and other beverages. Food is responsible for around 20 percent of fluid intake daily and rest is possible through drinks.

You’ve got an adequate intake of fluid if:

You’re not feeling much thirsty often

Your urine color is light yellow or colorless.

How Much Water A Day Is Too Much?

Most people drink lots of water in form of different fluids daily. While evaluating total intake of water, all common beverage forms – like coffee, soda, juice, and water – keep everyone hydrated. Also, moisture-rich food content consumed significantly contributes to total water intake daily. A lot of people have been convinced that they’ve been in a perpetual dehydration state and are mostly concerned about not being able to follow the recommended 8 glasses of water intake.

Of course, a lot of reasons are there for falling short – forgetting to drink due to a busy schedule, drinking lots of caffeine, inadequately rehydrating post workouts, or substituting other beverages in place of water.


how much water a day is too much

The 8 glasses of water rule most likely originated from a misinterpretation of an outdated 1945 recommendation when the Food and Nutrition Board (now under the National Academy of Medicine) suggested a person to consume a milliliter of water per consumed calorie.

So how much water a day is too much? For a diet totaling around 1900 calories a day, 19000 ml (approx. 64 ounces) water should be enough. However, this has been interpreted as a recommendation for drinking 1900 ml pure water, forgetting that water is also available in abundance in other foods and consumed liquids.

How Much Water A Day To Lose Weight?

Lots of claims have been made that an increase in water intake reduces body weight after spiking metabolism and reducing appetite.

There are two studies that suggest drinking 17 ounces (500ml) water temporarily boosts your metabolism by around 24 – 30% (8).

Researchers estimated drinking about 2 liters (68 ounces) in a day lead to increased energy at 96 calories in a day.


how much water a day to lose weight

Also, cold water drinking i beneficial as your body requires expanding more calories for heating water to the body temperature.


Drinking water half an hour before your meals also lead to reduced calories, mainly in old individuals. According to a study it was shown that dieters drinking 500 ml (17 ounces) water before their meals lost more than 44% of weight over a 12 week period, compared to people who didn’t.


Thus, we can conclude that drinking water in adequate amounts, mainly before meals, results in significant weight loss, mainly with a healthy overall diet.


Further if you’re still unsure about how much water a day is enough, you can consult a registered dietician or doctor for determining healthy water intake.


For prevention of dehydration and making sure that the body meets required fluid intake you need to make water the primary beverage. Although it is rare, drinking too much water is also possible. When the kidneys are not able to excrete a lot of water, the blood’s sodium content gets diluted (hypernatremia) – which is life-threatening. Mostly pro athletes develop a higher risk factor for hypernatremia and common people shouldn’t worry much about it.

If you want to read more about how much water a day or health in general, you can do it here.

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