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How Much Sugar Per Day?

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The first step is always the hardest. Health is the most important thing in life. Every man should strive for better health.

The Best Information About How Much Sugar Per Day

More and more people are entering the world of nutrition and diets, partly out of curiosity and partly to seek their well-being and understand what is good for and what should be avoided or at least limited.

Sugar has always been part of our lives, it’s present in every home, but how much sugar per day? It’s certainly a question that many ask themselves.

To understand how much sugar per day, we must first know what sugar is and how it comes to us, and we must also know ourselves and our needs to be able to give an exhaustive answer.

In addition to the normal teaspoon of sugar in the coffee, we have also all the supermarket shopping where it seems almost impossible or difficult to find products that don’t contain added sugars, how much sugar per day then? Certainly much less than what we used to assume, many times unknowingly.


how much sugar per day grams

Sugar sweetens our days, but if they are too sweet they can create many problems for our health.

Our biodiversity must also be considered; we are not all the same, and factors such as age, sex, our body weight, our health status, if we are sedentary or play sports, and if the sport is a competitive one, or we limit ourselves to a daily walk; these are all given to be taken into consideration to know how much sugar per day; the answer is never unique, but we can set ourselves a limit that we should never exceed in optimal conditions.

Sugar, of course, cannot and must not be eliminated from our diet and the secret is to rely above all on natural sugars or those that are present for example in fruit.

how much sugar per day to lose weight

Added sugar: better to limit

Added sugar is certainly one of the worst ingredients of the modern diet. It provides calories without providing essential nutrients and can damage the metabolism if we do not control the quantity. Of course, it’s very difficult to live without sweets; we would certainly miss them.

However, it is very important to distinguish between added sugars and those that are present in foods such as fruit and vegetables; they’re healthy foods, rich in water, fiber, and micronutrients, in which the presence of sugars is absolutely natural and will certainly not affect our health. While the added sugars are those that are artificially added to foods and drinks, such as table sugar or the high fructose corn syrup widely used in the food industry.

It’s important to highlight that there is no need to consume added sugars in the daily diet, which don’t perform any physiological and essential function for our body, so the less we introduce them, the healthier our diet will be.

We can also decide to consume added sugars maybe in coffee or tea, the important thing is that its use is moderate to not exaggeratedly consume high quantities.


how much sugar per day recommended

How much sugar per day?

In this the WHO has debated a lot to give us an indicative way on the optimal quantity not to be exceeded: Maximum 50 grams per day, halving the quantity recommended in later times.

The WHO stresses the risks of excessive sugar consumption: reducing sugar consumption protects against diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay.

WHO provides advice on how much sugar per day we must consume: a maximum of 25 grams per day, the equivalent of about 6 teaspoons, a teaspoon in fact contains about 4 grams of sugar.

We must not only calculate the teaspoons of sugar that we add every day to tea or coffee, but we must take into account that sugars are also contained in syrups, fruit juices, snacks, biscuits, yogurts, candies, snacks, and desserts; sometimes we find them in salty products, such as tube sauces or canned preserves. A canned fizzy drink may already contain over half of the total amount of added sugars not to be exceeded per day.

The only way to defend ourselves is to learn to read the labels to get an idea of ​​how much sugar there is in a portion that you want to give or are about to take. Being aware that you have to try to stay within 25 grams a day for children helps us understand how to limit or eliminate some products, prefer others to try not to exceed too often a limit that will be difficult to maintain, but at least we try, to keep us in good health.

If you want to read more about- how much sugar per day should I take, or about sugar in general, you can read here.

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