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Earth 2

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Earth 2: Everything You Need To Know About

What is Earth 2? Is it a good investment? Can you earn real money from earth 2 io? How to buy land in Earth 2? Is Earth 2 legit or a scam? We have all your answers!

Earth 2 has received enormous popularity in a matter of just 3 months. Everyone is talking about it, from the gamers to the traders, it hasn’t left anyone untouched. But what exactly is it? Why is everyone talking about it? Let’s find out!

earth2 io

What is Earth 2?

Earth 2 is a virtual version of our planet. It’s basically earth’s geography classified into 3 classes and divided into over 5 trillion land tiles. With a 1:1 ratio, it is the same size as that of earth.

Don’t be confused, it’s basically a game where you can play to earn real cash.

The game allows you to own, buy and sell the land and earn real money. In short, it makes it possible to do a lot of things you can’t do on the earth we are living on. The aim of Earth 2 is to create a virtual representation of our planet earth, a place where people can own, build, trade, abide, live, interact and the list goes on. Earth 2 has a monumental and long-term vision that is going to change the lives of people.

Why Should You Consider Earth 2?

Earth 2 has a lot to offer, perhaps more than what you can imagine!

Here are some good reasons to become a part of Earth 2:

Physical Freedom

Travel Anywhere: Earth 2 comes with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality features. Using them, you can visit any part of the world, any building, any monument without even stepping out from your home. You won’t require any visa or any ticket for your world tour!

earth 2 virtual reality

Build Your Own World: Earth 2 allows you to create your own world in whichever way you want. You can buy or rent the land from someone else and build your house, apartment, or anything depending on your creativity.


Promote Your Business: In the latest phase of Earth 2, business owners, marketers, and almost anyone can advertise their business. Not just that, you can advertise for someone else’s business and get paid in return. How cool is that!


Turn Your Ideas Into Reality: By using the powers like AR, VR, Fiance, Real Estate, Technology, Medicine, etc., you can turn your ideas into reality. Basically, you can do anything that is not possible on the physical earth.

Real Estate

You can get involved in real estate without requiring any experience or skills. Earth 2 allows you to buy land at cheap prices and sell it at any price you want. And by cheap we mean really cheap, about 0.0000001% of the actual land prices.

You can rent or lend your properties, earn land income tax, mine resources, and whatnot. Further, there is also a referral system where you and anyone who uses your referral code can earn a 5% bonus on the sale.

What’s more? You can earn a handsome income from the advertisements. As we already discussed, you can allow others to advertise on your land for a good price. The advertisement revenue depends upon the type and class of land you own.

Enjoy Gaming

If you love playing games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Apex, GTA, then Earth 2 is for you. You can think of it as a futuristic game. The best part is, you can earn real money and increase your bank balance!

earth 2 game

Financial Freedom

There are plenty of earning and investment opportunities in Earth 2. You can generate impressive passive income from buying, selling, and renting the land, referrals, making advertisements, mining resources and the list goes on.

Don’t be surprised if we tell you that the initial price of tile was just $0.1 per tile, and now it has reached $23 in just a matter of 2 months!


This information is enough to have an insight into the financial potentials of Earth 2.

Moreover, note that the price of land is different for each country. Some countries have still priced the land at $1 or $2.

It’s The Right Time

Timing is everything!

Earth 2 is for the type of people who’ve bought Apple stocks before the iPhone was even launched or the ones who’ve invested in Bitcoin at the rate of $1 and earned huge profits by selling it at $31,000.

If you’ve missed these opportunities, Earth 2 is your chance. It is only 2 months old and growing like anything. Who knows you could be a billionaire too! It is nothing else but true, you just need to believe in this.

earth 2 investment


How To Get Started With Earth 2?


Getting started with Earth 2 is a simple and easy process. All you need to do is follow these steps :


Step 1: Sign Up

First things first, visit the website and create your account. Signing up is free and will take less than a minute.

Prepare your email address and you can get started.


earth 2 registration

Step 2: Select Your Land

After creating your account, navigate the screen and click on the “buy land” option, and you’ll be directed to a map view. Here you can explore the world and choose your desired land tiles. If the land you want is already occupied by someone, you can make an offer and buy it from them. But there is no shortage of land, you can easily get your tile from anywhere else as this is an early phase and plenty of land is available.


A good idea is to buy land in countries where the prices of land haven’t hiked yet to get the most value for your money. You can buy a minimum of 1 tile and a maximum of 750 tiles per purchase. However, this is just the limit per purchase, you can buy as many tiles as you want through multiple purchases.

Select your land and click on “Buy Now” button.


earth 2 select land


Step 3: Buy Credit

As of now, Earth 2 doesn’t offer too many options for buying credit. PayPal is the only option you can use at present for adding credit to your Earth 2 account. However, you can expect a few more credit options in the coming days. When you buy credits, make sure to use or apply the referral codes to get a 5% cashback.

You can use our referral code for 5% cashback:

Click “Apply” to confirm the code, and pay with the following option.


If you decide to invest and buy virtual land, don’t forget to use this promo code every time when buying land. You will receive 5% of the value of your purchase back into the account each time you purchase land and use this promo code.

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earth 2 payment

Step 4: Sit Back, Learn And Earn

Voilà! You’ve just purchased your first piece of land on Earth 2. Now, relax and watch how the price of your land spikes!

Earth 2 is its development phase 1. At this time, you can only buy and sell your land tiles. In the upcoming phases, you’ll be able to build properties on these plots, advertise, mine resources and much more.

earth 2 after buying

Is Earth 2 Investment A Good Idea?

Just like any other thing, the true value of the investment depends on how much that particular entity is desired by the potential investors. And while the Earth 2 property is virtual, it has great financial potential. The introduction to virtual earth can present wonderful opportunities for business owners like video game producers, advertisers, and other physical business activities.

Not to mention that the significance of virtual reality in the near future is destined to heighten, and for this reason it is a good idea to own a virtual asset that could be worth millions in the near future.

A good idea will be to buy lands in the countries where the prices are still low and not hiking. You can buy lands at a price as low as $1 per tile.

earth 2 like bitcoin

There are people who look at Earth 2 in the same way they looked at Bitcoin. Why? For a number of reasons. First, bitcoin was also a future-oriented project. It was launched with a strong belief that it will be used as a payment currency in the future, which is yet to be confirmed. Earth 2 on the other hand is also a highly future-oriented concept. It offers numerous financial opportunities with the likes of physical reality.

Some individuals also compare Earth 2 with stocks and trading, but it is not entirely the same. Stock marketing is useful when you’re considering it for long term investment and requires a piece of good knowledge and experience as well. But Earth 2 doesn’t require any kind of trading experience or knowledge. It is a great option for those who want to make good profits in a short period.

Bottom Line

Earth 2 is just 2 months old and according to the developers, they have experienced about 12 months of growth in just 2 weeks! So, we can expect to be the next big thing – just like Bitcoin.

With impressive investment opportunities and a Virtual Reality experience, Earth 2 seems like a great future-oriented project. Now the question, should you invest in it? Yes, you can definitely invest here as the prices are really low, and you never know how high they might go in the upcoming days. However, stay within your limits and invest a limited amount to stay on the safer side.


If you decide to invest and buy virtual land, don’t forget to use this promo code every time when buying land. You will receive 5% of the value of your purchase back into the account each time you purchase land and use this promo code.

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If you decide to invest and buy virtual land, don’t forget to use this promo code every time when buying land. You will receive 5% of the value of your purchase back into the account each time you purchase land and use this promo code.