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What Is Cooking

To successfully answer the question — what is cooking — we must first start from the definition. The cooking definition would be the sustainable processing of food that is raw. It’s cooked in steam or water at one hundred °C. Besides cooking, foods may likewise be thermally well-prepared by baking or sautéing. Both ways warmth the food items at a temperature of above one hundred °C, using all the proviso the stewing happens at a marginally lower temperature, a bit below one hundred °C.

what is cooking
Cooking is traditionally utilized to making soups, stews, many dishes which can be eaten with a spoon or even meals like fruits, beef, or even pasta. Different fluids, generally water, softens foodstuff, that will be cooked and because of that gets less difficult to eat up. Some meals require quite a while and energy to cook along with some within a brief moment. Cooking can lower the percentage of minerals and vitamins in fruits, vegetables, as well as even meat.

Furthermore, we will try in this example How to cook meat to explain What cooking is?

How to cook meat?


The answer to the question- what is cooking, is to learn following tricks.

When preparing meat dishes, it is important to adapt the method of preparation for the type of meat being prepared. First, it is good to know that the softer the meat, the farther it is from the animal’s head and hooves, so the pieces of meat found on a certain part of the animal will have a different structure, texture, and of course softness.

what is cooking

It is quite logical that the meat on those parts that are used a lot, that is more active (neck, legs, hooves) will be firmer and tougher because these are muscles that are used a lot and used every day, while those parts that are not used will be the softest (such as back and rib meat).

Of course, such ‘softer’ pieces of meat are much more expensive than these others. But that doesn’t mean that harder and cheaper pieces of meat can’t be just as tasty and juicy after heat treatment. You need to know a couple of tricks, and the matter is resolved. The answer to the question of what is cooking is to learn these tricks.

how to cook meat
Tougher and harder parts of meat will soften if they’re prepared gradually, at a lower temperature, and if you marinate them before cooking you’ll find that this is an ideal thing! Softer parts of meat would be ideal to prepare immediately, by frying in a pan with a little oil or onto a grill oven in higher temperatures.

Meat cut in the direction of the fibers during roasting will cause the ends of the steak to dry out and bend during roasting, but this can be avoided by cutting the meat perpendicular to the direction of the fibers.

When stewing meat, whether it’s a bigger piece of beef or steaks, it’s necessary to roast the meat nicely in a little oil, then add veggies, water, or wine and then simmer. This will keep the meat tender. Additionally it is very important not to overload the pan with bits of meat in the start, because in this manner, the temperature of the skillet is slowly reduced and the meat won’t be baked evenly on either side.

Furthermore, it ought to be simmered on moderate heat, not too powerful, because at too high temperatures the liquid evaporates quickly, and then more regular inclusion of additional liquid is needed, thus diluting the initial flavor of the meals and losing all crucial nutrients from preparation.

Grilling meat or baking in the oven

When the meat is cooking quickly, particularly when grilling, a barbecue or grilling in the oven, it’s necessary to coat the meat with a combination of wine and oil with salt, it’ll be the juiciest.

It’s also wise to not overdo it with the inclusion of oil, which will spray and burn when frying, which will ultimately not bring about the fantastic flavor of the food being fried.

how to roast meat
How to cook beef

Cooking Beef

A bigger piece of beef (roast) after ingestion ought to be left for 15 minutes at room temperature away from the oven, and smaller pieces of meat for at least 5 minutes to maintain the roasting juices within the meat and soak it well.
If a roasted piece of meat is cut immediately after removing the meat from the oven, all of the juices will come from the roast and the meat will be dry and tasteless.

Experience has shown it is much better to prepare meat if it’s left outside the fridge at room temperature for around 20 minutes before cooking. The meat is also softened but also elegant if it’s full of a filling that keeps moisture and makes it juicier.

The very ordinary piece of meat can become a flavorful succulent delicacy if seasoned well, coated with mustard, and topped with, by way of instance, cheese and bacon.


Large pieces of meat could be filled and then it’s essential to cut the entire piece lengthwise, beat a bit with a meat mallet, put it on, and join it with the support of kitchen thread so it doesn’t fall apart during baking.

In the meat cut into steaks, you can make delicious stuffed rolls, which you attach with a toothpick after rolling, or just fold the meat and then fix.


Regardless of which sort of meat you prepare, it’s important to adjust the cooking time to the sort of meat. It follows that poultry requires shorter prep time, particularly if the meat was removed from the bones and chopped. Pork, and notably beef, require longer preparation time.

From this example, we can conclude how complex cooking is and that it may take a lifetime to learn to cook perfectly.

Another example that shows the complexity of cooking and what cooking is here.


If you want to read more about-what is cooking, or cooking in general, you can do it here.

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