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Car won’t start

Simple Solutions When Car Won’t Start

Cars and vehicles are one of the best creations that humankind may have ever performed through history since now thanks to them it’s possible to travel long distances in less time without wasting too much energy in walking or running on the streets.

Everything is wonderful and you end loving your car above anything else, however, the situation changes when the car won’t start just from a moment to another, and while you at some point though that the fix will be easy, you couldn’t be more mistaken in your whole life since fixing a car is expensive, difficult and requires professional help to avoid breaking anything else.

car won't start clicking noise

Now, you maybe are losing your mind o what to do with the vehicle, however, patience is a matter of tact, and you shouldn’t start losing hair and years of your lifespan due to stress when the solution could be directed at the palms of your hands.  You just need to check these possible motives that are causing that your car won’t start, and then, you just need to apply the recommended procedure, let’s begin!

Multiple Possibilities with Solutions


Possibility #1: Dead Battery Being a Nuisance

One of the most common reasons that are causing the problem in your car can be a dying or dead battery that just doesn’t have enough energy or life to give the required power to your vehicle mechanical parts, and then it will proceed to just don’t start on time or without the help of certain methods/tools.

When you try to start your vehicle, but the inside lights just turn on and get off in a couple of seconds, or when the noise of the engine is just a little weird like it sounds without energy or enthusiasm (a little weird description) you get to know that the battery is indeed falling at the spot.

Jumpstarting a car is very useful to determine if the battery is causing the problem, for example, if after doing the procedure the car starts without any problem then you get to know that the battery is ending its cycle of life and that it needs to be replaced.

In case that it just doesn’t do anything, then it could be a problem in the alternator or the battery is just dead, in both cases it will be better to replace it as soon as possible.

car won't start with jump

Possibility #2: Bad Alternator Causing Problems


If your battery is not the issue that is causing that your car wont start then you should consider testing the possibility of a bad alternator. The way in which you can determine this possibility is after discarding battery problems and after that, you need to check the vehicle’s response on the road or preferably in an empty space.

If after turning on the car just stall and if after turning the radio off or to lower numbers on the dial and the engine just makes whine or strange noises then you have to be sure that a malfunctioning alternator is not making your vehicle to be useless on the long term.


The most common way in which people gets to see that this problem is real is by checking the dimming lights period of life during the vehicle starts, for example, you may see some strange episodes of dimming lights going crazy or just not turning on like they are supposed to do just for the alternator. The best solution for this problem will be taking it to a professional as repairing alternators is difficult and they are an important part so you just can’t risk your security by doing everything by yourself.

car won't start but battery is good

What To Do At The Moment If Car Won’t Start?

The real question should be what are you going to do if the car just stops in a determined moment? Well, if your car won’t start then it’s recommended to apply a jumpstarting procedure without losing valuable time, and then with that small lapse of time and energy applied to the battery take your car to your home/property or even to a local mechanic that can check the battery and other mechanical components.

If you happen to be on your home and the car doesn’t show any sight of wanting to start then apply the previous solutions that were explained in both possibilities, stay safe and good luck on your repairs!

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